Dr Ramit Debnath

Assistant Professor at the University of Cambridge | Fellow: Cambridge Zero and Churchill College | Visiting Academic: Caltech and Indian Statistical Institute

Dr Ramit Debnath is a university assistant professor at the University of Cambridge. He is the PI of the Cambridge Collective Intelligence & Design group, the Cambridge-lead for the Caltech-Cambridge Climate and Social Intelligence Lab and the co-director of the climaTRACES lab. He is a fellow of Churchill College and Cambridge Zero and has visiting academic roles at the California Institute of Technology and the Indian Statistical Institute. Ramit sits on the steering committee of Cambridge's Centre for Human-Inspired AI (CHIA) and the Centre for Climate Repair (CCR).

With a background in electrical engineering and computational social sciences, Ramit designs collective intelligence approaches to provide a data-driven, complex system-level understanding of barriers to climate action in the Anthropocene, their interactions, and how these translate to leverage points for policy and behavioural interventions at scale.

Previously, Dr Debnath has held positions at Caltech, Cambridge Computer Laboratory, UN Environment Program, International Energy Agency, Stanford University and IIT Bombay. Ramit had received his MPhil and PhD from the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar.

Ramit is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and a Professional Member of ACM.

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