Invited Talks

  1. (2024) Human-Machine Interface AI Roundtable, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, UK Government, London
  2. (2024) Clearing the air - Information literacy in the climate crisis, Students against pseudoscience, University of Cambridge
  3. (2024) Leveraging computational social sciences for environmental justice, Just Transition Research Centre, IIT Kanpur
  4. (2024) Local leaders designing sustainable and scalable education innovations with Cambridge, BETT UK - 2024, London
  5. (2023) The urgency of collective climate action, Keynote talk More than 200 school children from 23 international schools attended it, Boiling Point-Round Square Collaboration, The Millenium School, Dubai
  6. (2023) Mapping public perception and attitudes for emerging climate technologies using large language models, UK Advanced Research + Invention Agency (ARIA)
  7. (2023) Harnessing AI for planetary-scale climate action, Institute for AI and Ethics University of Oxford
  8. (2023) Conspiracy spillovers are shaping public attitudes towards negative emissions technologies, Institute for Data, Systems and Society MIT
  9. (2023) Leveraging computational social science for climate action, Keynes Fund Conference, Faculty of Economics University of Cambridge
  10. (2023) Human-in-the-loop climate action AI at Unitmode, Google for startups, Ultralytics YOLO Vision, Madrid
  11. (2023) Discussion Tea with Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo, Centre for Climate Engagement, Hughes Hall, Cambridge
  12. (2023) Conspiracy spillover identification using machine learning, September 2023 meeting of the Dowling Policy Fellowship, Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP), Cambridge
  13. (2023) Conspiracy spillovers are shaping public attitudes towards negative emissions technologies, Caltech Centre for Science, Society and Public Policy (CCSSPP) Workshop, US
  14. (2023) Harnessing human-in-the-loop AI for climate action. Climate change AI, Berlin Workshop, DE
  15. (2023) Harnessing machine intelligence for planetary scale climate action. Centre for Human Inspired AI (CHIA), Cambridge, UK
  16. (2023) Climate change: From despair to action. Cambridge Festival (CamFest), UK
  17. (2023) Public attitudes towards solar geoengineering using large language models. Centre for Climate Repair Annual Meeting, UK
  18. (2022) Placing people at the centre of a just transition. Ulric B. and Evelyn L. Bray Social Sciences Seminar, Caltech HSS, US
  19. (2022) People-centric climate action: Reduce, remove and recover. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, US
  20. (2022) Highly polluting fossil fuel firms reframe climate communication on social media. Twitter, LA
  21. (2022) Bridging the gap: modelling imbalances in Global North-South knowledge production in energy research. Decolonising Architecture: The UNFOLD Talk Series, Cambridge, UK
  22. (2022) India-UK Track II Dialogue on Climate Change and Energy. London School of Economics - Grantham Institute, UK
  23. (2022) Session Chair: Digitalisation and energy markets in Global South. Data Science and AI for Sustainability, Cambridge, UK
  24. (2022) People and net-zero transition: Lessons from Computational Social Sciences. Centre for Net Zero, Octopus Energy, London, UK
  25. (2022) Computational Social Science for Climate Action. Twitter Sustainability Summit, Twitter- London HQ, UK
  26. (2022) Placing people at the heart of net-zero transition. Cambridge University Behavioural Insight Unit, UK
  27. (2021) Energy justice using Natural Language Processing. University of Bonn, Germany
  28. (2021) Digitalisation and energy policy. Energy Efficiency Division, International Energy Agency, France
  29. (2021) Energy justice in informality. Engineering & Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University, US
  30. (2021) Contextualising energy justice in poverty: Towards data-driven deep-narrative analysis. Laboratory of Social Machines, MIT, US
  31. (2020) Energy narratives in slums and machine learning. Renewable Integration and Secure Electricity Unit, IEA, France
  32. (2020) Deep-narrative analysis for discovering energy injustice in slums. UNDP Innovation Convention, UNDP, New York, US
  33. (2020) PodcastEnergy Actions Project, FR
  34. (2020) Energy justice in poverty using nested-NLP. Global Young Scientists Summit, Singapore
  35. (2019) Policy modelling for energy justice in poverty in the Global South. Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, UK