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Sharan Maiya, MRes-PhD candidate (AI for Environmental Risk, University of Cambridge)

Area: LLMs, knowledge discovery, climate change, risk quantification, ML, AI, policy design

Co-advisor Prof. Anna Korhonen, Language Technology Laboratory (LTL) and CHIA

Funder: UKRI CDT

Sara Abdelaziz, DPhil Engineering (Schlumberger Scholar, University of Oxford)

Area: Renewable energy, net zero, climate change, LLM, ML, AI, policy design

Research Assistant for the project: Scoping large language models for climate mitigation decision making

Funder: Schlumberger Foundation (Oxford) and CHRG (Cambridge)

Pengyu Zhang, PhD Candidate (Engineering)

Area: Data-centric engineering, opinion dynamics, Physics-informed ML, computational statistics

Research Assistant for the project: Data science for housing energy-health nexus

Advisor: Prof. Mark Girolami, Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Group

Cuicheng Zhang, MPhil Candidate (Architecture)

Area: Complexity science, building energy efficiency, data science

Tianzhu Qin, MPhil Candidate (Cambridge Judge Business School)

Area: Computational social science, opinion dynamics, econometrics, ML/AI, network science

Kamna V., M.Tech Computer Science (Vellore Institute of Technology)

Area: Data analytics, NLP, Human behaviour modelling, Optimization, Computational statistics


  • (2022-23) S. Chinyoka, MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development: Gender mainstreaming and energy cultures in Sub-Saharan Africa. (Now: Working as Electrical Engineer, Scottish Power)
  • (2022-23) O. Osifala, MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development: Sustainable pathways to renewable integration in Nigeria
  • (2022-23) I. Eliiot, MSt in AI and Ethics: Distraction, Deception & Divergence in the Coming Age of Synthetic Media
  • (2022-23) K. Larson, MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies: Climate impacts and urban resilience of Hurricane Ian. (Now: PhD candidate at University of Miami Rosenstiel School)
  • (2022-23) N.T. Roudsari, MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies: Gamefication and urban planning for sustainability
  • (2021-22) K. Raimalani, MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development: Smart grids and equitable energy transition in India (Now: Working as ESG Analyst, Mainstreet Partner)

Research interns

  • (2023 Summer) O. Lagercrantz, History and Philosophy of Science: Ethics of solar geoengineering
  • (2021 Summer) A. Mishra, Robotics: Gaussian analysis of residential energy consumption in India