Ongoing projects

Placing people at the center of climate action: Driving collective action

Collaborators: Cambridge Zero, Cambridge Psychology, Harvard University, Caltech and NYU

Ongoing projects: Trust in Science and Science-related Populism (Harvard) and Climate Advocacy Challenge (NYU)

Funder: Quadrature Climate Foundation (QCF, 2022-23), Keynes Fund (2022-23) and Cambridge Humanities Research Grant (2024-25)

Key publications: Nature, Nature Human Behaviour, PLOS Climate, Global Environmental Change Part A: Human & Policy Dimensions

Desirable and responsible AI for climate action: A scoping project

Collaborators: Cambridge CST, TU Berlin, MCC-Berlin, Bard Berlin, Boston University, ISI Kolkata, Caltech, King's College London and Copenhagen Business School

Funder: Google Cloud (2022), QCF (2022-present) and Cambridge Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) Grant (2024 - 2025)

Key publication: npj Climate Action

Measuring heatwave impacts on Sustainable Development Goals

Collaborators: Cambridge Zero, University of Michigan and Yale School of Environment

Funder: QCF (2022-present)

Key publication: PLOS Climate

Impact: Blanket press coverage in 130+ news agencies, including major Indian and international agencies like Bloomberg, Associated Press, and Reuters, the BBC, and influential magazines such as Wired and TIME Magazine. Invited to present at an G20 Summit event in India.

Climate accountability and misinformation in the fossil fuel industry

Collaborators: Cambridge Judge Business School, Caltech, and Twitter (2021-22)

Funder: CJBS Small Grants (2021), Keynes Fund (2022-23), and QCF (2022-present)

Key publication: npj Climate Action

Computing for distributive energy justice in slum rehabilitation housing

Collaborators: CJBS, Bennett Institute for Public Policy and Cambridge Architecture

Funder: Keynes Fund (2022-23)

Nuclear energy perception in the UK amidst the war in Ukraine

Collaborators: Energy Policy Research Group, CJBS

Funder: Energy Interdisciplinary Research Centre and Isaac Newton Trust (2022-23)

Perception of carbon emissions inequality in high and lower-middle income countries

Collaborators: Copenhagen Business School

Funder: QCF (2022-present)

Completed projects

Hydrogen energy transition and public perception

Collaborators: Oxford University

Funder: Climate Compatible Growth Programme (2021-22)

Multi-dimensional electric vehicle adoption drivers in the US

Collaborators: Michigan Conservative Energy Forum (MiCEF), US

Funder: MiCEF (2020)

Key publication: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

COVID-19 effects on residential electricity demand in India

Collaborators: IEA, LBNL and CMU

Funder: Energy Interdisciplinary Research Centre and Isaac Newton Trust (2020-21)

Key publication: Energy Policy

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