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Research Areas

Computational social science

Focus on the development and application of computational social science methods, building on theoretical and empirical developments in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Network theory, ML/AI, grounded theory, and behavioural science for the 3Rs (reduce misinformation, remove skepticism and recover trust).

Climate action and repair

Focus on the data-driven design of climate action and negative emission strategies across multiple sectors, including buildings and energy. We are exploring ways to put people at the centre of the net-zero transition, including assessing public perceptions and attitudes towards climate intervention technologies like solar radiation management, carbon capture and storage, etc.

Design thinking and just transition

Focus on the use of data science and systems approaches to design just transition pathways aligned with distributive energy and climate justice objectives.

Human-in-the-loop AI design

Focus on exploring the design boundaries of human and machine intelligence systems using a FAccT (Fairness, Accountability and Transparency) lens that can be aligned to support climate mitigation and adaptation decision-making.